August 31, 2018 — Today, Socium Therapeutics announced that Marcela F. Pasetti, PhD joined the company’s Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Pasetti is a Professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in the Center for Vaccine Development. Dr. Pasetti researches vaccines and immunology to understand how protective immunity can be induced in animal models and in humans following infection and vaccination, and the mechanisms involved. She investigates novel vaccine strategies, antigen delivery systems, adjuvants, and immunization regimens for protection against pathogens that affect young children, as well as the influence of maternal immunity on infant immune responses to vaccines, and the impact of vaccine combination on long-term health and protection. Dr. Pasetti is particularly interested in vaccines that include live attenuated Salmonella and Shigella (alone or encoding foreign antigens), protein subunit vaccines, and polysaccharide conjugates.